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Quality service provided weekly by a lawn care professional with the goal to maintaining and leveling up the look of your lawn, by making sure we cut the grass at a healthy height, laying down some nice lines. Back trimming all edges, and clearing out any interlock and curbside weeds. Followed up by a final blow to make everything look clean and tidy. I take great pride in my lawn care service and guarantee customer satisfaction.


Want to add some colour, or maybe plant some new perennials, look no further. I can select and recommend what I think would work for your property and how it should be laid out. We can also bring in mulch and soil for your gardens. Fresh soil can help provide important nutrients to the flowers in your garden. Mulch is a great addition to the garden. It helps keep weeds down and water in the soil, which helps your plants out through those dry times. On top of that, it really levels ups the look of your gardens and gives your property added curb appeal. 

Lawn Care & Garden Planting

They look beautiful but sometimes are hard to manage. I offer weekly garden service maintaining and leveling up the look of your garden beds, edging beds, pruning and trimming shrubs when needed. Have you let your gardens go all season but want them under control again? Well, I can come in and clean everything up with a one time garden clean up. 


 I trim hedges up to 12 ft tall, cleaning up and taking away all debris. Also offer Pruning off shrubs and small tree's . Regular pruning of shrubs and tree's help keep them contained and healthy. It's always a good idea to look up once and awhile see whats growing over your head or home, sometimes these things can lead to larger problems down the road.

GM & HT & P

Whether its spring or fall, things can become overwhelming, whether it be large amounts of sticks have fallen over the winter or the piles of leaves in the fall. We offer spring and fall clean-ups. Have you let thing grow out of control or just didn't have time to maintain your property, well no worries I also provide one-time property clean up to help get everything back under control and manageable. 


The program will help get you that thick, lush, green lawn everyone wants.  Soil Amendments can help repair and rejuvenate your lawn, and help fix those spots where you can't get grass to grow. Soil samples are included to make sure you're receiving the right product. 

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